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1999-10-28 - Florence:

Date: 1999-10-28 Medium: 2CD
Title(s): [no title(s)] Source: Audience Recording
Venue: Auditorium FLOG City: Florence
Quality: Good ; a lot of background noise Country:


Florence 1999 Cover (Front) Florence 1999 Cover (Back)

Cover Design: David Schroeder
Cover können als JPEGs unter folgender Adresse heruntergeladen werden:




  1. Tinto Brass [6:45]
  2. Waiting (Phase 1) [4:31]
  3. Russia On Ice [12:29]
  4. 4 Chords That Made A Million [4:38]
  5. Pure Narcotic [6:37]
  6. Where We Would Be [4:46]
  7. Even Less [7:57]
  8. Piano Lessons [5:06]


  1. Slave Called Shiver (Cut) [4:47]
  2. Up The Downstair [7:27]
  3. Dislocated Day [8:23]
  4. Voyage 34 [11:41]


Steven Wilson war wegen des unaufmerksamen und lauten Publikums sehr ungehalten. Er rief:
"Silence, please, shhh, please, shhh. If you haven’t come to watch the band could you please have respect for those who have?"


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